About Performances

A good concept, a thoughtful cause and execution to excellence remains the core of any events success, but garnishing it with some glamour, attract the masses making your event even popular.

  • Belly Dance
  • Latin American Dance
  • Salsa
  • Meringue Dance
  • Bolero
  • Cumbia
  • Samba
  • Western Dance Jazz Style
  • Fusion of Latino With Jazz
  • Chair Dance
  • Bollywood Themes
  • Item Dancer
  • Pole Dancer
  • Global Music and Dances
  • Fire Dance
  • Anchors & Emcee
  • Models Dance Groups
  • Filipino Band
  • Western Band
  • Folk Dances Of India
  • Classical Dances
  • Contemporary and Marshal Art


Farnaz Shetty

Nidhi Uttam

Shubhangi Atre

Avnantika Hundal

Monika Bhadauriya

Anuj Sachdeva

Tarun khanna

Daya shankar

Munmun dutta

Tanya Sharma

Amrapli Gupta

Dimple jhangiani

Rohitashv gaur

Anup Upadhyay

Falguni rajani

Neha Mehta

Vishal Malhotra

Jayati Bhatiya

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